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Intercom with communication system between motorcycle and motorcycle. Communication up to 16 motorcycles. Distance between the two control units of 2.0 Km. Integrated radio. Double packaging.

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425,58 € VAT incl.


519,00 € VAT incl.

Ins and outs

To stay connected with your group: Mesh intercom technology automatically searches for and reconnects to lost signals. Dual antennas and processors allow simultaneous connection to Bluetooth and Mesh Intercom technology™ 4.1, making it easy to connect to larger groups. Communication between up to 16 pilots within a radius of 2.1 km (1.3 miles). Guests can also join and listen. Mesh Intercom is able to keep even a group of 5 or more pilots connected, within a radius of up to 8 km (5 miles). Connection via Bluetooth or the RideConnected Sena application. Multitasking function: communication via Mesh Intercom technology™ and listening to GPS navigation, calls or built-in FM radio via Bluetooth connection. More enjoyable audio experience, as the audio overlaps with the existing one instead of interrupting. The earbuds can be controlled with the optional handlebar remote control or using voice commands. Twenty minutes of charging provides five hours of using the Bluetooth intercom or three hours of using Mesh Intercom technology™. Upgradeable firmware. THE SINGLE KIT INCLUDES: 2 Bluetooth Earphones Main Unit® 2 Universal Helmet Mount Kit. 2 Wired headband microphone. 2 Wired microphone. 2 Tear-off closure for headband microphone. 2 Tear-off closure for wired microphone. 4 Microphone sponges. 2 Mount adapter on glued surfaces. 4 Sponge covers for headset. 8 Ear cushions. 4 Earbuds tear fasteners. 2 Headband microphone support. 2 Tear closure for support. 2 Audio cable from 2.5 to 3.5 mm. 4 Rubber bearings. 2 Allen wrench. 2 Earphone input cover. 2 USB power and data cable. 2 Cigarette lighter socket charger.